Alexius DIAKOGIANNIS | Software Architect and JEE Expert | Services
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what i can offer
Performance Testing and Tuning

Every system needs to be tested before go live that it handles the expected load and after the initial test it needs to be continuously monitored.

Architecture and Code Reviews

Having your architecture reviewed before implementation starts is crucial to avoid costly mistakes upfront.

On Demand

Get continuous access to an expert to help and mentor your team through out the project on demand basis. The help can be both remote and onsite.


Sometimes things do not go as planned and unexpected issues arise in production or during final stages of development. That’s when you need expert to help solve the issues as efficiently as possible.


Liferay is a popular portal and digital experience platform and when you are doing a project with it you want to have an expert with unmatched expertise on the platform as ex-Liferay consultant, trainer and core platform engineer to guide you along the way.

Workshops and Training

Workshops and trainings are great way to learn more in-depth about Liferay and it’s surrounding technologies. Trainings are more structured with exercises and prepared materials where as workshops are more free flowing and flexible on the content.